Professional Development

Professional EPICS Program Overview

Fulton Schools is offering a summer program for current ASU graduate students. The FSE Summer Applied Project Program brings together teams of engineering Master & PhD students to work on challenging interdisciplinary projects, such as those typical of the EPICS program (EPICS = Engineering Projects in Community Service) or other projects identified by companies or faculty.

This program is primarily intended for graduates students who are seeking opportunities to gain real-world experience to be put on their resume.

You will work on a real-project on a team with other recent graduate students and recent graduates completing OPT and will be developing engineering solutions for clients. Projects range from water purification systems for rural villages in developing countries, solar panel systems for people without access to electricity, COVID19 related projects (manufacturing hand sanitizer, developing new systematic protocols for large events, etc.), designing toys and interactive toys for animals at the Phoenix Zoo, developing new biodegradable materials (to replace single-use plastic), and many more. The majority of projects are unpaid internship style applied projects with small companies to allow for you to put real-world experience on your resume. Our goal is this project experience will help you obtain a job when you graduate.

Start date: June 7th

End date: August 18th

Commitment: 15-20 hours a week

Cost: $99

Eligibility: All current FSE graduate students are eligible to participate and enroll in the program. Current students participating in the FSE Summer Applied Project Program do not need employment authorization to participate.

Program Outcomes:

By the end of this program students will be able to:

  • Apply learning directly related to their field of study to solve a practical problem
  • Collaborate with other students to solve such problems
  • Develop design concepts, including a virtual prototype and supporting performance and cost models
  • Prepare technical design documentation
  • Deliver a design presentation to their peers and to a client
  • Improve professional skills including leadership, communication, teamwork, and value creation
  • Add engineering specific job experience to your resume

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