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Pursue your graduate engineering degree at the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering. You’ll not only get an advanced education through our nationally recognized programs, you’ll join a community that is making an impact through use-inspired, interdisciplinary research.

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Degree options


Aerospace engineeringAccelerated 4+1, MS, PhDTempe
Aviation management and human factorsAccelerated 4+1, MS TechPolytechnic, Some courses online
Biological designPhDTempe
Biomedical engineeringAccelerated 4+1, MS, PhDTempe
Chemical engineeringAccelerated 4+1, MS, PhDTempe
Civil, environmental and sustainable engineeringAccelerated 4+1, MS, PhDTempe
Computer engineeringMS, PhDTempe
Computer science (8 degree options)Accelerated 4+1, MCS, MS, PhDTempe, Online
Construction engineeringAccelerated 4+1, MSETempe
Construction management and technologyAccelerated 4+1, MSTempe, Online
Construction managementPhDTempe
Data Science, Analytics and EngineeringPhD, MSTempe
Electrical engineeringAccelerated 4+1, MS, MSE, PhDTempe, Online
EngineeringAccelerated 4+1, MSPolytechnic
EngineeringMEngOnline, Online (China)
Engineering education systems and designPhDPolytechnic
Engineering science (software engineering)MSEOnline
Environmental and resource managementAccelerated 4+1, MSPolytechnic, Some courses online
Environmental EngineeringMSTempe
Graphic information technologyAccelerated 4+1, MSPolytechnic, Online
Human systems engineeringAccelerated 4+1, MS, PhDPolytechnic
Industrial engineeringAccelerated 4+1, MS, MS/MBA, PhDTempe, Online
Information technologyAccelerated 4+1, MSPolytechnic, Online
Innovation and venture developmentMSTempe
Management of technologyAccelerated 4+1, MS TechPolytechnic
Manufacturing engineeringAccelerated 4+1, MS, PhDPolytechnic
Materials science and engineeringAccelerated 4+1, MS, PhDTempe, Online
Mechanical engineeringAccelerated 4+1, MS, PhDTempe
Modern energy production and sustainable useMSTempe
Robotics and autonomous systemsMSTempe, Polytechnic
Robotics and Autonomous Systems (Mechatronics and Automation)PhDPolytechnic
Software engineeringMSPolytechnic
Sustainable engineeringMSEOnline
Systems engineeringPhDPolytechnic
User experienceMSPolytechnic