Graduate admission

Are you ready to apply for admission to one of the Fulton Schools’ graduate programs? We are here to help!

Graduate admission to the Fulton Schools varies by program.

Applicants must fulfill the requirements of both the ASU Graduate College and the specific program requirements for the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering.

Many of the programs in the Fulton Schools are providing GRE waivers or are waiving the GRE requirement for applicants. 

Fulton Schools programs admission information

Find the programs you want to explore below, then follow the “Admission info” link to see additional program admission requirements.


Admission information

Degree options

Aerospace engineeringAdmission infoAccelerated 4+1, MS, PhD
Aerospace engineeringAdmission infoAccelerated 4+1, MS Tech
Aerospace engineeringAdmission infoPhD
Biomedical engineeringMS Admission info
PhD Admission info
Accelerated 4+1, MS, PhD
Chemical engineeringAdmission infoAccelerated 4+1, MS, PhD
Civil, environmental and sustainable engineeringAdmission infoAccelerated 4+1, MS, PhD
Computer engineeringAdmission infoMS, PhD
Computer scienceAdmission infoAccelerated 4+1, MCS, MS, PhD
Construction engineeringAdmission infoAccelerated 4+1, MSE
Construction managementAdmission infoAccelerated 4+1, MS, PhD
Data Science, Analytics and EngineeringAdmission infoPhD, MS
Electrical engineeringAdmission infoAccelerated 4+1, MS, MSE, PhD
Engineering education systems and designAdmission infoPhD
EngineeringAdmission infoMEng
Engineering science (software engineering)Admission infoMSE
EngineeringAdmission infoAccelerated 4+1, MS
Environmental and resource managementAdmission infoAccelerated 4+1, MS
Environmental EngineeringAdmission infoMS
Graphic information technologyAdmission infoAccelerated 4+1, MS

Human systems engineering
MS Admission info
PhD Admission info
Accelerated 4+1, MS, PhD
Industrial engineeringAdmission infoAccelerated 4+1, MS, MS/MBA, PhD
Information technologyAdmission infoAccelerated 4+1, MS
Innovation and venture developmentAdmission infoMS
Management of technologyAdmission infoAccelerated 4+1, MS Tech
Manufacturing engineeringAdmission infoAccelerated 4+1, MS
Materials science and engineeringAdmission infoAccelerated 4+1, MS, PhD
Mechanical engineeringAdmission infoAccelerated 4+1, MS, PhD
Modern energy production and sustainable useAdmission infoMS
Robotics and autonomous systemsAdmission infoMS
Software engineeringAdmission infoMS
Sustainable engineeringAdmission infoMSE
Systems engineeringAdmission infoPhD
Technology (Aviation management and human factors)Admission infoAccelerated Master's, MSTech
User experienceAdmission infoMS