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Engineering | Graduate Programs


Fulton Schools Opportunities for Graduate Students

In the Fulton Schools of Engineering, one of our top priorities is providing you with an outstanding student experience. We believe that you need more than traditional coursework to be competitive and successful in your career. Experiential opportunities are integral components of your Fulton Schools experience and the skills you gain will help prepare you for whatever you choose to do after graduation. Get involved today!

Engineering Projects in Community Service (EPICS)

The Engineering Projects in Community Service program, known as EPICS, is a national award-winning social entrepreneurship program. Teams design, build and deploy systems to solve engineering-based problems for charities, schools and other not-for-profit organizations. Students aren’t waiting to graduate to make a difference—they are tackling real-world problems today.

EPICS courses use an innovative technology-based approach to very old problems—access to clean drinking water, providing nutritious food in remote villages, etc. We do not take an off-the-shelf solution; we are looking for big-picture, breakthrough thinking. The project teams address needs in the Phoenix metropolitan area and around the world in places like Bangladesh, Malawi and Fiji. Competitions are used as real-world vehicles to provide students with experience focusing their ideas, meeting deadlines, writing a business plan and presenting their ideas to the world. The results? EPICS teams are attracting the funding to make their ideas a reality.

Learn more about the Graduate EPICS Program, and register for FSE 598: EPICS in Action today! Questions? Contact Joshua Loughman, EPICS Director at

Fulton Graduate Entrepreneurship Program

Employers and senior executives expect engineering graduates to have an entrepreneurial mindset. Yet, an entrepreneurial mindset cannot be gained by reading a textbook. The Fulton Graduate Entrepreneurship Program is an action-oriented experience that develops your entrepreneurial mindset and trains you to successfully manage organizational innovation initiatives. The ability to ‘think like an entrepreneur’ and ‘act like an innovator’ are critical skills for professional success across most industries. The program supplies students with proven tools and methods to help distinguish them in the marketplace and to accelerate their career. The Fulton Graduate Entrepreneurship Program is an action-oriented experience that explores:

  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship + Innovation
  • Crowdsourcing Pain Points and Passions
  • Lean Startup + Disciplined Entrepreneurship Methods
  • Solutions and Teams; Value Propositions + Market Assumptions
  • Experimentation and Prototype Development
  • Beachhead Markets + Customer Discovery
  • Customer Data Analysis + Pivots
  • Evidence-Based Pitching for Funding + Support

Learn more about the Fulton Graduate Entrepreneurship Program.

Fulton Graduate Analytics Program

In this program, students are introduced to descriptive and predictive data analytics methodologies. Data preprocessing and visualization are introduced alongside descriptive analytical techniques concerned with identifying proper summary statistics to aid in the understanding of data sets. Predictive analytics are also introduced, with focuses on the processing of data to assist in how future data can be categorized or classified. The Fulton Graduate Analytics Program is an action-oriented experience that covers:

  • Data Preprocessing
  • Descriptive Analytics
  • Data Exploration
  • Forecasting Methods
  • Regression Techniques
  • k-Means Clustering
  • Decision Trees and Random Forests
  • Neural Networks
  • Support Vector Machines

Learn more about the Fulton Graduate Analytics Program.

Master’s Opportunity for Research in Engineering (MORE)

The Master’s Opportunity for Research in Engineering (MORE) program is designed to enhance the engineering and technical curriculum by providing hands-on lab experience, independent and thesis-based research, and the opportunity to travel to professional conferences for students in an Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering master’s degree program.  Participants may go on to apply their unique experiences to work in industries, as well as doctoral studies in engineering and related disciplines.  Student participants develop a research proposal under the mentorship of a Fulton Engineering faculty member, then apply for funding. Once accepted, they perform research, attend workshops, prepare research summaries, and participate in the research symposium.

Learn about the MORE program.

Student Organizations

There are dozens of Fulton student organizations and teams ranging from honors and professional associations to groups creating underwater robots, concrete canoes, and launching rockets. Being connected with a student organization helps students build lasting friendships, discover their passions, develop invaluable career skills, become leaders, take part in community service, gain industry connections and have a lot of fun. Research suggests that students who are involved in organizations perform better academically and are more likely to graduate when compared with their non-involved peers. Check out the list of Fulton Student Organizations.  ASU organizations like the Graduate and Professional Student Association (GPSA) and Indian Students Association are excellent opportunities to network with other graduate students and learn about career possibilities.