International students

Our international students are invaluable contributors to the learning environment at ASU.  The information below should be useful to you as you begin to prepare for your studies.

Immigration Details and Next steps for newly admitted students

Financial Aid for International Students

As an international student your primary financial aid options include private scholarships and private education loans to supplement your own personal funds for the cost of your education.

To be considered for private education loans through a lender, individuals must apply for the loan with a creditworthy co-applicant (co-signer) who is a U.S. citizen or permanent resident. An international student who is able to apply with a U.S. co-applicant can request up to approximately $40,000 through an alternative education loan.

Student Employment

Students may also look for on-campus employment to help with the cost of school. Please visit the ASU Student Employment Site to view available openings.


Banking in the U.S. can be very different from other countries. To help with this transition Hands on Banking provides an online financial education program that teaches practical money management skills, budgeting, using credit wisely, saving, and much more.

ASU has several ATM and banking branches conveniently located on the Tempe Campus. Please note that we do not endorse any particular bank.

Social Security Card

A social security card will be necessary for anyone working in a Graduate Assistantship, internship, or elsewhere on campus.  A card cannot be obtained until you have proof of employment. For those with a Graduate Assistantship you will need to obtain a letter from your department as proof after arrival. You may apply no sooner than 10 days after arrival in the U.S. and only after you have submitted all immigration documents to the ISO, registered full-time, and paid tuition or enrolled in the installment plan. View the application and requirements.

F-1 and J-1 students:

    • Must be currently engaged in on-campus employment or have secured employment on-campus to request SSN from the local Social Security Card Center (SSCC)
    • Once you have secured employment come to the ISO to submit a request for a letter which you will use to apply for a SSN at the local Social Security Card Center (SSCC)

Cell Phone

To help keep up with the busy student life style, it is strongly recommended that you purchase a cell phone. Please note that we do not endorse any particular vendor nor are these the only vendors available.

Cell Phone Providers

T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, Qwest, Virgin Mobile, Alltel Wireless, AT&T, Cricket, Boost Mobile, Nokia, Amp?d Mobile, Nextel, US Cellular, Jitterbug, Helio, Koodo, TracFone, Power Net Mobile, Cellular One, Mobile Tech, Google Fi.

In the past some of our international students have had difficulty getting a contract phone because you do not have a credit card or social security card. An alternative option is purchasing a prepaid cell phone. These phones are also called “Pay As You Go” phones. You can get the same kind of plan that a contract phone offers but instead of having a monthly bill and contract, you pay a flat fee for a designated number of minutes.


Coming to a foreign country and obtaining housing can be challenging for new students. To help with this we have identified a few key items that you should know before securing housing.  Information about off-campus housing.

Additional Resources

Noted below are some resources and links that provide valuable information for our incoming international students.

ASU provides critical support to our international students.  Visit these helpful pages after you are admitted to learn more about your next steps.