Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

I would like to attend ASU but I would like to come the semester after the one I am admitted for, can I defer my admission date?

A student can defer his/her admission for one semester only; this can be done in the student’s MyASU student account; it is theRequest Change link (top right). A student must not be registered for courses at the time of the deferral request.

I have been admitted to the non-thesis program even though I applied to the thesis program. Why is this?

All master’s students are admitted into the non-thesis program until they secure a faculty advisor. Once a faculty advisor is secured, it is possible to change to the thesis degree. Our faculty is listed on this webpage: A student may contact faculty via email; this can be done before or after arriving at ASU.

I want to be in the thesis program. How can I do this?

Once a faculty advisor is secured, it is possible to change to the thesis option. Students must then change their culminating experience on their iPOS in their My ASU student account. Students will then need to change their faculty advisor on the iPOS to their chosen faculty advisor. Student’s Plan of Study (iPOS) must be approved before thesis credit (599) may be added to it. Update your coursework on your iPOS to include 6 thesis credits. Before a student may defend, they must list their entire committee on their iPOS, and have it approved.

What types of financial aid are available?

Financial aid may be available to graduate students in the form of Teaching Assistantship (TA) or Research Assistantship (RA) positions.

U.S. citizens and Permanent Residents may also apply for Federal Aid. Please contact our Student Financial Assistance office for details:

What is the process for applying for a Teaching Assistantship (TA)?

The application process varies by program. Please check with your program for details.

What is the process of becoming a Research Assistant (RA)?

To become an RA, students must contact the faculty directly to secure a position; they can do this before arriving at ASU. Information on faculty research and contact information can be found online:

What are the benefits aligned with being awarded a teaching assistantship (TA)?

For students who hold ½ time (50%) TA, there is a full tuition waiver and potentially a stipend. Additionally, 50% time TAs also receive health insurance benefits. A student who is a ¼ time TA receives ½ tuition waiver and potentially a stipend.


I am having trouble with receiving or submitting documents for the I-20. what should I do?

All information regarding the I-20 (how to request, what is needed, and tracking the status) may   be found in the student’s MyASU student account. The student should be aware that the Graduate College is the area on campus that produces the I-20. If the student has questions that are unable to be answered through the MyASU student account or through a search on their website (, the student should contact Graduate College directly at 1-480-965-6113 or by email: [email protected].

There is a “To Do” item which requires a final transcript from my current institution; however, I have not yet completed my current term. What should I do?

After students are admitted, they have one semester to submit their final official transcript (and official degree certificate if applicable).

I have a MMR hold on my account. How do I get this removed?

The MMR hold requires a student to send proof of the MMR vaccine or illness to Student Health Services; the student visit:

Mail, Fax or email MMR to:

ASU Health Services  
Arizona State University  
P.O. Box 872104Tempe, AZ  85287-2104        

FAX NUMBER: (480) 965-8914
[email protected]
PHONE NUMBER: (480) 965-8177


I have advising holds, what are these and how can I get them removed?

Please contact your academic advisor.

Do I get advising holds every semester?

Holds are put in place when:

  • The student is a new student for first time registration
  • A student does not have an iPOS on file by the third semester
  • A student has a GPA below the standard set by the program
Where do I go for advising?

Visit the advising website for details on contact your advisor.

What is the difference between the program chair, a faculty advisor, and an academic advisor?

The Program Chair is responsible for the academic administration of the program and can explain content of course.  The Academic Advisor assists with registration issues, plan of study submissions, and interpretation of policies to students.  The Faculty Advisor directs the thesis, applied project, and/or dissertation research and course selection related to it.  They may also provide final approval of the plan of study.

Where is the course catalog?
How many credits are required for international students to take each semester?

International students are required to take at least nine (9) credit hours each fall and spring semester.

How do I register for courses?

On your My ASU student account, in the “My Classes” section, the student will see a link for “Registration” and “Class Search.” Your Registration Date will tell you at what date and time you may begin registering for courses. Watch My ASU for any To Dos or Holds, as these may prevent registration.

Is it important that I read all of the email sent by my advisor?

Yes, you advisor sends emails containing important information on policies, procedures and deadlines which will help the student to succeed in his/her program; therefore, it is important to read these emails in their entirety.

How can I find my 10 digit ASU ID number (also know as Affiliate or empl ID)?

Three to five business days after students apply to ASU, they should expect to receive an email from ASU Graduate College detailing how to activate their My ASU student account. A student’s 10-digit ASU Affiliate ID number may be found under the Profile link on the My ASU student account page.

Where can I get an ASU Sun card/ID card?

A student can acquire it after admission at the Sun Card

A student must be eligible to register for courses in order to acquire a Sun Card.


Is there on-campus housing for graduate students?
  1. ASU has three residential halls on the Tempe campus that provide housing for graduate students: University Towers, Adelphi Commons II and Cholla
  2. Many off-campus housing options are also
How much does it cost to attend ASU?

Please use the cost calculator link to estimate cost of attendance; please be advised that this is only an estimate;

What does it mean to audit a course? Will an audited course affect my GPA?
  • Auditing a course is when a student registers for a course, but does not receive credit for the course, and receives a grade of “X.”
  • An audited course will not go on your Plan of Study (iPOS), nor will it affect your GPA.
  • Auditing courses in the School for Engineering is prohibited until after all coursework for the degree is completed.
  • Students may petition this policy should they wish to audit a course before they complete their degree program coursework.
Are campus tours available?

Yes, for campus tours please visit:

Does ASU have a place on campus where I can use a computer to do my schoolwork?

Yes, ASU has multiple spaces where students may use a computer to do their schoolwork:

Does ASU have organizations or clubs for students?

Yes, ASU has organizations and clubs for students; see:

There are more than 60 student organizations and teams in the Fulton Schools of Engineering . See

I have decided not to attend ASU, what should I do?

If students have registered for courses, they must withdraw from their courses, or they will be charged tuition and fees for those courses. Student may also submit a “Voluntary Complete Withdrawal” form (Graduate student forms) to Graduate College; however, this is not recommended if students think they may change their mind and attend ASU. Students may either fax or mail the form to:

Fax: 480.965.5158
Mail: Graduate College
Arizona State University
PO Box 871003
Tempe, AZ 85287-1003

Can I get my ASU Graduate College online application fee back?

Unfortunately, the Graduate College application fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.