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Fall 2020 enrollment options

Fall 2020 enrollment options

ASU has announced plans for Fall 2020, including class flexibility for students. The information below will help to guide you in choosing your best options in the Fulton Schools.

We are here to help!

We’ve collected a list of all the ASU Sync classes that meet at times which are good for students in India and China.

And, if you need help deciding what option is best for you, contact your advisor.

For general questions email

On-campus immersion options

— Option 1

Regular Fall 2020 arrival/start

This ASU immersion option is for students who will arrive by August 20 and can attend on-campus, in-person classes with the option of Zoom attendance (ASU Sync).

Read more about ASU immersion

Who: Domestic students and international students who are able to get their F1 visa in time to arrive on campus for classes which start on Aug. 20, 2020.

Arrival time frame: July 21-Sept. 3, 2020

Enrollment: Enroll in 9 credit hours for full-time status.

— Option 2

Online/on-campus immersion with late arrival

This ASU Immersion + ASU Sync option allows late-arrival students to take live, real-time classes over Zoom at home while they wait to travel to ASU. Upon arrival, students would continue the same classes in-person, over Zoom, or a combination of the two.

Read more about ASU Sync

Who: Domestic students and international students who cannot get their I-20 or their F1 visa in time to arrive by Sep. 3, 2020 but can get the documents, visa interview and their F1 visa before Nov. 11, 2020.

Details: Students are advised to enroll in a ASU Sync or hybrid courses starting Aug. 20, 2020 and attend remotely until their arrival on campus. Students must have their I-20 updated to reflect fall B session start (10/12/2020).

Arrival time frame: Sept. 15-Nov. 11, 2020

Enrollment: Enroll in 9 credit hours for full-time status.

Additional notes: Students are eligible for CPT starting summer of 2021- same as other fall 2020 students.

Benefits of this option

  •  Start Fall 2020 and stay on track with your graduate education
  •  Have additional time to schedule your visa interview and get your visa to come to campus
  •  Be eligible for OPT/CPT as regular Fall 2020 start students (i.e., CPT starting summer 2021)
  • Participate in live classes along with Tempe and Polytechnic students in real time
  •  Interact with faculty through calls, email or Zoom while at home and continue in person when on campus
  •  Evaluation of assignments, projects and exams will be the same as other on-campus students
  •  Save additional funds on living expenses before arriving later in the fall semester

— Option 3

Digital immersion with Spring 2021 arrival

This fully online option takes advantage of ASU Sync courses and ASU iCourses.

Students enrolled in ASU Sync courses who cannot come to campus for Fall 2020 would be able to complete courses remotely. ASU iCourses are courses developed for and delivered entirely online.

Learn more about ASU iCourses

Who: Domestic students who cannot come to campus for fall 2020 semester and international students who cannot receive their F1 visa by Nov. 11, 2020.

Details: Students would be advised to enroll in ASU Sync courses or iCourse starting Aug. 20, 2020 and attend digitally. Students are required to arrive on campus by the start of the spring 2021 semester and international students must have their I-20 updated to reflect the spring 2021 term start.

Arrival time frame: Dec. 12-Jan. 18, 2021

Enrollment: Enroll in 9 credit hours for full-time status (but can enroll in less).

Additional notes: International students are eligible for CPT starting spring 2022- the same as other spring 2021 admitted international students.

— Option 4

Defer to Spring 2021

Who: Domestic and international students who cannot arrive by Nov. 13, 2021 and are not interested in digital immersion.

Details: Students must submit a deferral request for spring 2021. Fall 2021 deferral requests are a case-by-case basis. All defer requests require a $30 nonrefundable fee.

Arrival time frame: Dec. 12-Jan. 18, 2020

Enrollment: Enroll in 9 credit hours for full-time status for spring 2021 when registration opens up.

Additional notes: Students are issued a revised I-20 to reflect the spring 2021 admit.

Learn more about these options 

A teacher stands at the front of a class, where on screen we see the faces of remote participants and in-person participants physically in the classroom

Above: Example of an ASU Sync class, with in-person and online participants in attendance.

What do these options mean?

ASU is offering three options for on-campus students. Students may use one, two or all three of these options to complete their coursework:

ASU immersion

“ASU immersion” is a term for students who will be physically participating in classes on campus. Most on-campus classes will also be “broadcast” via Zoom so that off-campus students can take them too. The experience of taking these synchronous in-person/online classes is called “ASU Sync.”

ASU Sync

As stated above, “ASU Sync” is a class that is offered in person, on campus, but also “broadcast” in real time on Zoom. This synchronous in person/online experience allows students a choice to attend class in person, or remotely via Zoom. Whether you join in person or online, classes will be fully interactive.


“iCourses” are classes delivered 100% online. Lectures are available on demand, so students can access them at any time. This is unlike the online lectures of ASU Sync classes, which are only available in real time when the class is meeting on campus.

What will the fall 2020 semester look like?

International students: Arriving late?
Find ASU Sync classes for you.

The Fulton schools want to help our international students start the semester on time with ASU Sync classes. We have reviewed our ASU Sync class offerings and have provided a list of classes which work for time zones in India and China.

If you need help finding classes in other time zones, contact your advisor.

For the latest and most updated list of courses, contact your school’s advising office.

For general questions, email

A student is working at his desk

Above: While you wait to arrive, you can join your ASU Sync classes online.

Frequently asked questions

For general questions, email

How does ASU Sync help with safety and flexibility for students?

Our goal is to provide a quality learning environment that adheres to public health and safety guidelines from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Many classes will include a blend of in-person and ASU Sync experiences. These three options will give students the flexibility they need.

Some labs, clinical experiences and fine arts courses that do not lend themselves to remote instruction will only be available through on-campus, in-person instruction.

What other safety precautions are happening on campus?

Face coverings

Employees and students must wear a face cover while in ASU buildings and crowded outdoor spaces.

Increased cleaning

  • ASU will clean classrooms daily and clean high-touch surfaces multiple times daily
  • ASU will provide cleaning and sanitizing supplies in all classrooms for students

Staggered classroom attendance

ASU Sync classes will have assigned attendance days. Half of the class will meet on alternating days in the classroom, while the other half connects online through Zoom. This allows for safe social distancing in classrooms.

What if I can’t arrive on campus in time for the start of the semester?

We understand that some out-of-state and international students wish to attend classes on campus but may not arrive in time for the start of the semester. These students will be given the opportunity to learn through ASU Sync for the first half of the semester, and if necessary, the full semester. Faculty will hold special office hours that accommodate different time zones.