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Career Services

The Fulton Schools of Engineering Career Center is designed to be your personal resource for career development.

  • Discover how to create a distinguished resume.
  • Learn how to conduct yourself in a professional manner during an interview or a career fair.
  • Personalize your education to become an asset in your field of interest.
  • Get necessary experience before graduation.

We encourage you to begin this process early in your college career so that you have time to cultivate the knowledge and experience that the industry looks for in an applicant. We are here to benefit you and your future. Put this resource to use and build your career today.

Career planning starts day one

Planning for your engineering career is so much more than creating a resume during your senior year. The Engineering Career Center can help you find summer internships and other opportunities that will help you build your future career. As a senior, we can help you incorporate extracurricular activities into your job search strategy and prove that you are a stellar candidate.

Career fairs

Attend the engineering career fairs in February and October, and network with industry professionals. Company representatives come to ASU to meet the next generation of engineers. And don’t miss the preparing for a career fair workshop series in the weeks before the fair. You will learn what the representatives will be looking for, and be confident in your ability to impress. You may even be asked for an on-the-spot interview at one of our on-campus offices!

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